About Us

We are Blake and Jennifer Mitchell; lifelong residents of Fort Bend County and we have a wonderful little 7-year-old boy named Max. We both grew up in Sugar Land, met in youth group and dated all throughout high school and college. After graduating college, we moved back to the area and bought a home in Richmond. Jennifer has had a lifelong career in the education field, starting as a teacher and then moving to educational technology. Blake started in property management and then moved into sales.

During the pandemic, LEGO saved our lives. Having a 3 year old and not being able to leave the house brought on some very unique challenges. We started building LEGO as a family daily. It brought us so much joy and it really helped develop Max's fine-motor and creativity skills.

When the opportunity presented itself for our family to open a Bricks & Minifigs in our community, we jumped on it. It is our goal and mission to provide a fun place for any and all who enjoy LEGO, but most importantly we want to be a permanent place in the community that we love so much!

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